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Thank you for considering me to do a pet portrait for you or someone you know :)

Please see below commission prices for sizes from A5 to A3, and square sizes in between. Please contact me for a quote on bigger sizes. Commissions are completed using either graphite or coloured pencil, pastel or acrylic paint.

If you'd like to proceed please press the 'Commission Enquiry' button at the bottom of the page or email

  • Prices include VAT and free P&P

  • Please provide a good quality, high resolution photo with good, strong lighting for me to work from..

    • For dog paintings, the areas of detail that are usually important are the eyes and the nose

    • For cat paintings, I need the eye detail to be very clear.

    • You can email or post the photos to me and I will let you know if I require higher quality

  • Turnaround for smaller pieces up to and including A4 and 12x12 inches square is 3-4 weeks.

  • Turnaround for larger pieces (A3 and upwards) will take 6-8 weeks depending on size *this will also depend on workload and other commitments at the time but I will keep you informed of progress via email.

  • Acrylic portraits are done on canvas.

  • Pencil portraits are done on paper.

  • Portraits on paper are provided with a specially made mount in a colour of your choice, and unframed

  • Above prices are for single pets only, there is a £50 increase for each additional pet

    • e.g A5 pencil £140 for one pet, £190 for two pets, £240 for 3 pets and so on.

    • Please specify number of pets on the commission order form or in your enquiry email.

Upon receiving your commission order I will respond via email in 3-5 days to confirm your requirements. You will then get regular updates until it reaches a a point where it's near completion and it will have more impact when you see it for real!

It will be hand-packed and delivered by courier (or by myself if you live in Milton Keynes) upon completion.

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