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who am i?

Hi, my name’s Amy and I paint animals. I inspire and bring joy to fellow animal lovers with my animal portraits.


I’ve loved drawing since early childhood, and at age 10 my grandad taught me to paint. I continued my study of painting, and discovered a fondness for acrylic while completing an A level in art. After school, I wanted to combine art and IT, so went on to complete a BA (Hons) in Computer Animation, but left university realising this wasn't what I wanted to do after all. I started working in IT to pay the bills and ten years later I was still there, not creating much art and feeling unhappy.


After finally listening to my inner artistic voice and leaving my job to pursue art full time, I've taken many commissions including several pet portraits, an in-house council publication, an album cover and a game character painting. I've won some art competitions, completed several illustration courses and participated in an art exhibition.


I paint and draw in my studio, surrounded by my past and current artwork to inspire me. But when I'm not working on an art piece, I’m indulging in my love of art, animals (particularly foxes), music, anime/manga and Disney. I live in Milton Keynes with my husband, daughter and two cats.


Me in Japan a few years ago cuddling my favourite animal

What medium do i use in my portraits?

I paint in a realistic style, using acrylic is versatile and gives a lovely effect. I also create finely detailed pencil portraits in graphite, coloured pencil and pastel.

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